Code Crush

Code Crush

Join professional developers Kiana and Julie as they dabble in new technologies, confess their development sins, and laugh at the awkward realities of life as a female developer.

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    Season 1 Wrap Up

    A brief wrap up of Season 1, with promises of a new season to come.

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    Becoming a Developer: The Bridge Troll Riddles

    Season 1, Episode 7 Becoming a Developer: The Bridge Troll Riddles Kiana and Julie bring on special guest Sandra, and tackle all her questions about how to become a developer.

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    Bootstrap 4: The Straps to Your Boots

    Season 1 Episode 6, Bootstrap 4: The Straps to Your Boots Julie and Kiana discuss the newly released version of the uber-popular Bootstrap UI framework. Whether you've been using Bootstrap for years, or are wondering what boots have to do with code, this episode is packed with the details you need to know.

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    Can You Hear Us Pairing?

    Kiana and Julie discuss pair programming. Will they give it one thumb up, two thumbs up, three thumbs up, or will they be too confused by Julie's impromptu rating system to rate it at all?

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    Elixir Mixer

    Julie interviews Kiana about Elixir. Kiana takes the "good developer" approach and actually reads the docs! Meanwhile, Julie makes excuses for why she didn't also learn about Elixir.

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    Everyone's A Node With Neo4J!

    You're a node! I'm a node! Everyone's a node! Julie and Kiana explore graphing database Neo4J and cope with the realization that we're all just a bunch of nodes.

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    The Machines are Learning

    Kiana and Julie dive into Machine Learning and attempt to put their new knowledge into real, human words. Their discussion leads to a variety of new ways to pronounce "Google".

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    A Vue View for You

    Kiana and Julie compare their findings after time-boxing 1 hour to dabble in Vue.js, the popular new Javascript framework. Will they love the new framework or decide it's just an icky soup of code?